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Most Important Google Ranking Factors for Websites

SEOSuppose you want to rank a site like Charlotte Towing Service, how do you go about it? What factors determine the results displayed on SERPs? You probably already know that Google uses about 200 ranking factors in their algorithm, to ranks sites. Some of these factors are proven, others are controversial while others are just speculations.

Not all ranking factors are created equal. Some have more weight over others, and you can maximize your SEO efforts on focusing on these factors. Google ranking algorithm is always changing. What worked well last two years may not work today. The best way to go about it is to keep abreast with all the updates. Based on research and reviews, here are the most significant ranking factors webmasters and site owners need to know.



Content is among the most important ranking factors for Google. Quality and relevant content play a significant role in ranking of a website. Of late, there has been a shift from keyword-focused content, to more relevant content written in natural language. High-ranking content involves one that covers a broad range of factors irrespective of its content. Google loves information that provides real value to the user, and one that incorporates highly engaging visual content.  Quality beats quantity every time, so you should focus your efforts on quality as opposed to word count.


Other issues involving content is the content length. There is no clear rule of thumb concerning the optimal word count because it varies per subject. However, relatively long and more comprehensive content attracts higher rankings. When you write content for your website, optimize the keywords in your article. You can make use of semantic queries to get a better understanding of related keywords.




rankingBacklinks remain to be one of the most influential ranking factors in Google search algorithm. The more links your site has from high authority sources, the better your chances are to rank for your keywords. Online marketers pay a lot of attention to their backlink profiles, mainly due to frequent Google updates, which filters low-quality link profiles.

The key to achieving an active backlink profile is to create content that people love, and then promote the content relentlessly. When other industry heavyweights read and link to your content, you earn a link from each of them. When your content gets shared, you obtain high-quality backlinks from multiple sources.


Mobile Friendliness

Google announced the first mobile indexing on November 4, 2016. This announcement meant that the compatibility of a website with mobile play a direct role in its search rankings. Before this update, web designers used to build desktop versions first, then mobile later. Today, mobile usage has surpassed desktop usage and websites have no way out than to prioritize on mobile versions for better user experience. To optimize your site for mobile friendliness, consider the use of Google Search Console, Structured Data Testing Tool, TXT testing tool and Page Speed Insights.

Other Technical Factors

A couple of other important technical factors affect the rankings a site gets on Google. Some of these factors include encryption, H1 and H2 Headings, Anchor texts, Keywords, Meta Tags and Meta Descriptions and the whole aspect of on-page and off-page SEO. Work SEO factors to facilitate optimization of your site. Google makes a steady push for rich content, use of high-quality links and perfect mobile experience as top ranking factors.