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How to Protect your Brand’s Online Reputation

online-reputationAre you in an online business be it business coaching, SEO consulting, web designing, limousine business, affiliate marketing among other? When someone searches for your brand, personal name or business online what will they find? We live in a search-happy world and before customers consider doing business with you, they are going to Google it first. Negative search results can have an adverse influence on a company’s reputation.

In today’s digital world, it is imperative for your brand to have strong online presence. Social media marketing is growing rapidly amplifying the risks associated with a brand image. It is important to understand the impact of poor reputation. Research reveals it that online reputation is more important than ever before. The power of reputation management is in your hands.

Protecting Online Reputation

Online reputation is all about controlling the positive press about your business, brand or name while suppressing the negatives. It is all about controlling how your business and products are perceived, and maintaining a positive reputation for your company or brand. Creating shareable, engaging, reliable, and readily available content is a great defense against negative comments and review. Below are some actionable steps on protecting your online reputation.

1. Own the search results

A better way to control your online reputation is ensuring that you “own” the search results. By owning, we mean having as many page-one ranking for your personal brand or brand names as possible. Build a blog with amazing content and build relations with influencers. Promote your content across all channels. When Internet users search for your name or brand, the useful, shareable content dominates results pages leaving the bad reviews.

2. Use software to monitor your mentions online

hootsuiteWe are no longer living in the days where you had to Google and manually look up at the results to see where you have been mentioned. Today, there are free tools that allow you to type in the keywords or name you want to monitor its mentions. Social media management tools are leading in offering brand mentions and reputation management services.

3. Actively search and respond to social media mentions

It may not be enough just to know where and how people are talking about your personal name or brand, but it is also important to respond to these mentions and clear up the space.  Customer service has really moved online and people are using social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to respond and resolve issues. If you have a business to protect, monitor forums, blogs and social networks for mentions and feedback.

4. Build up a blog to share and own content

Blogging is one of the best way to promote your brand and enhance its visibility in search engine results. Blogging stands a good source for traffic and lead generation thus building stronger customer ties. To secure top results ranking on search results you have to build site authority and have a strong social profile. Create a blog around your brand and craft content that is likable and shareable. On the content that you create, allow social media sharing through LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube among others.

For an effective reputation management, you have to build your company and brand reputation, maintain it and work towards recovering from bad mentions.